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Chiropractic is a method of healthcare that restores mobility and eases pain. The main goal of chiropractic is to keep the bones, nerves, and muscles working together. Your spine not only supports your body but it protects your spinal cord which is the major pathway of your nervous system.  Chiropractic works to keep your spine aligned and the nerve signals flowing freely to all parts of the body. They control sensation, movement, and function throughout your body.

What to Expect

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Consultation and Treatment

You will complete a health history, have a chiropractic/orthopedic examination, and complete any tests necessary to determine if you have a chiropractic case. Depending on those findings, a treatment plan will be created that meets your specific needs. Chiropractic utilizes manipulation (also referred to as an adjustment,) which is the use of a specific force in a precise direction that helps normalize spinal and nervous system function.

Wellness Chiropractic Care

When symptoms are gone, continuing care helps monitor and encourage the progress of natural healing. Regular maintenance care helps to manage small problems before they develop into big ones. The chiropractic approach to better health is to find and correct interferences to your body’s natural state of good health and not just to treat symptoms.


Chiropractic For All Ages

Even newborns and children receive adjustments to repair the damage from the birth process, learning to walk, or other childhood traumas. Infants, elderly, and everyone in between all need a healthy structural system, free from subluxations and nerve stress. Many athletes, whether in youth programs or Olympic competitions, utilize chiropractic care to optimize their performance and prevent injuries. A properly functioning nervous system is essential to do your best regardless of your age!

It is the desire of Dr. Tim McMullen and the staff of McMullen Chiropractic Center to provide efficient chiropractic care to restore health within a calm, orderly, and relaxing environment to all who seek our service.  It is our goal to educate, provide spinal correction, and rehabilitate as many patients as physically possible within the scope of principled chiropractic care.

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