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Chiropractic Care for the Entire Family

Our practice offers chiropractic care for the entire family.  We treat infants, athletes, seniors and everyone in between.  Chiropractic care is valuable for all ages.



We are equipped to provides x-rays at our facility when necessary.


Missouri Sports Physical provider

We perform sports physicals for Missouri schools.


Adjunctive Therapies

While the chiropractic adjustment is the primary component in restoring proper alignment, and restoring correct nerve flow, there are many adjunctive therapies which aid in reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, and promoting healing in the soft tissue, which is often associated with the misalignment.  


  • KINESIO TAPE - Kinesio tape is a therapeutic product that was developed by a Japanese chiropractor to help patients hold their adjustments better.  It is used extensively by athletes and doctors treating Olympic athletes including cyclists, swimmers, tennis players, and many more.  It reduces pain, protects muscles, tendons and ligaments, reduces inflammation and swelling, reduces muscle spasms, improves movement, and stabilizes the area to avoid further injury.

  • CRYOTHERAPY - Many times, the application of ice to an irritated area will be recommended. Ice brings relief by constricting the blood vessels involved in the area. It aids in decreasing swelling and pressure and the possibility of internal bleeding occurring in the muscles, ligaments, and surrounding tissue which may appear as a bruise.

  • DIATHERMY - The principle physical effect of high frequency treatment is the heating of human tissue in “depth” as opposed to heating pads which heat the skin surface with little penetration into the muscle tissues.   Heating the deep tissue results in dilation of capillaries, arteries, and lymph vessels which will break up congestion and edema by increasing circulation.  This enhances nutrition and dissipation of waste material.

  • ELECTRICAL MUSCLE STIMULATION - Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a procedure used to passively exercise muscular soft tissue.  The electrical current stimulates the nerves as they enter the muscle and gently contracts the muscle in a rhythmic pattern to accomplish a variety of therapeutic benefits.   At time of injury, muscles, ligaments, and paravertebral soft tissue are flooded with lactic acid and toxic materials. The rhythmic patterns greatly aid in assisting the body in the cleansing process.  Inactivity allows a muscle to heal in a weakened state and this procedure promotes healing, strengthening, and stabilizing factors in the recuperating muscle.

  • INTERFERRENTIAL ELECTROTHERAPY - This therapeutic treatment aids in the relief of pain and the promotion of soft tissue healing. It prompts the body to secrete endorphins and other natural pain killers which help relieve pain. It also aids in reducing the swelling of soft tissue.  Ligament sprains, muscle strains, and spasms often respond well to this deep tissue therapy thereby helping to reduce atrophy and increase blood circulation.  It promotes muscle tone, restores normal movements, releases body’s natural pain killers, and accelerates the healing process.

  • ULTRASOUND - Ultrasound is high frequency sound waves.  It is a therapeutic device widely utilized to penetrate the tissue as the sound causes a vibration within the tissue, creating a “micro-massage.” The vibration of each individual cell causes the cell to increase its metabolic rate and throw off its waste products.  The increased circulation means that nutrition is being brought into the area which promotes healing. This is very helpful because injured or malfunctioning tissue can cause a weakened state, malfunction, scar tissue, or calcification.

  • MOBILE INTERSEGMENTAL TRACTION -  Mobile intersegmental traction is a specialized procedure which gives passive exercise to the 110 articulations or joints associated with your spine. Spinal injuries cause the joints of the spine to lock up and lose their ability to bend or twist normally.  Intersegmental traction is used in conjunction with chiropractic spinal manipulation to loosen the locked joints and give passive motion exercise and therapy to the discs between the vertebrae.  It helps return flexibility, elasticity, and preservation to the disc space which protects the opening for the spinal nerves.

  • TRIGGER POINT THERAPY -  Trigger points are identified as sources of pain and defined as small hypersensitive regions that give rise to local referred pain whenever stimulated by pressure, kneading, extreme temperature, or stretching.  Trigger points may be caused by trauma to the muscle or joint, or muscle strain, myositis, arthritis, visceral ischemia, dyskinesia or hysteria. Trigger points may be successfully treated with application or diathermy, ultrasound, or electrical muscle stimulation

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Chiropractic is a method of healthcare that restores mobility and eases pain. The main goal of chiropractic is to keep the bones, nerves, and muscles working together. Your spine not only supports your body but it protects your spinal cord which is the major pathway of your nervous system.  Chiropractic works to keep your spine aligned and the nerve signals flowing freely to all parts of the body. They control sensation, movement, and function throughout your body.

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